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The Mission
The goal of Sibuyan Medical Mission is mainly to serve the less fortunate, poor, and sick sibuyanons who could not afford the basic medical services of today. We also hope that by initiating the mission, more good-hearted sibuyanons will follow suit and start their own respective humanitarian efforts or would join our group. May God help and guide us in carrying out our initiatives.

Background of Medical Mission in Sibuyan
Medical Mission is not new in Sibuyan. This has been going on for many years although it has been in an "on and off" fashion. What sets us apart from the traditional mission of yesteryears is the way we organize, communicate, plan, and finally carry out our mission. These are all mostly being done through the cyberspace and therefore it has a great potential of global participation by all sibuyanons around the world and coorditions at the speed of light.

The Future of Sibuyan Medical Mission
The future looks bright in Sibuyan! But if ever the dark clouds covers the Sibuyan skies, Sibuyan Medical Mission, God Willing and with His help, would try hard to brighten up your skies by helping the poor through medical attention. We are hoping to tap more of modern technology to further improve our service in the future.

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